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How to use

Our purrrfect come works like any other cat brush just 20x more effective. Simply brush your pet like normal and watch the dead undercoat, dirt and dandruff come off. Use once a week for best results.


Does the purrrfect comb cut the fur?
Absolutely not! The comb does not cut, damage or break the hair. Instead it removes the dead undercoat, excess fur and dirt.

Can I use this on my dogs as well?
Yes!! Our purrrfect comb is designed to use on all animals including: cats, dogs, horses, rabbits etc.

Does the size of my pet matter ?
Nope! Our comb is designed to work on both small and large animals.

Will it hurt my pet?
Brushing your pets can sometimes be difficult especially when they find it uncomfortable. That’s why we invented the purrrfect comb. Not only is it super comfortable but customers often message us to say how surprised they are that their pets actually enjoy being brushed now.

watch our purrrfect comb in action